Hello! This is my personal webpage- on it I’ll be posting all sorts of things relating to my life as a musician. Check the articles section for my musical musings I have from time to time. I also do transcriptions as much as I can will put them (.pdf usually included) in the appropriately titled section. I recently moved into the city of Atlanta but I welcome greetings from soon-to-be friends near and far; please send me a note using the contact form! You may also use the form for business inquiries such as bookings, music lessons, transcription requests, etc. I hope you enjoy the site and I hear from you soon!




4 thoughts on “Home

    • Hey Kenneth! So good to hear from you and I hope you’re doing well!

      I suppose the answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish- if I’m just simply trying to practice the doubles (as in, I’m not trying to practice “doubling” per se but merely practicing each instrument on their own), the one rule is to ALWAYS start on the flute. Your face will swell up after playing sax and clarinet because the embouchure will push blood into your lips- get flute playing out of the way before this happens if possible! I generally play flute, clarinet, then sax if I sit down and get to all three.

      These days I really just play scale exercises and excerpts. On flute, I use Reichert’s book. Clarinet is Baermann, and on sax I like Dan Higgin’s scale book. Each horn has certain qualities that are more difficult than on others- so on flute I focus on sound quality and register jumps, clarinet on playing smooth and legato across the registers, and sax on tuning the weird notes while I play.

      Honestly that’s really about it! After scales I just play whatever music I’m working on at the time. You can spend as long as you like on scales too- I go stir crazy after a bit if I’m overanalyzing things and have to stop… I hope this helps!

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